At IKONIKS, we create brands that are not only visual identities, but will make people sit up and take notice. Your brand is a visual embodiment of your business and is unique to you.

Your brand is central to your business, so it is vitally important to be perfect. No business is too small for a good quality brand, and here at IKONIKS, we make sure that you’re noticed.

We believe that developing a clear and attractive brand is crucial for business success. We start with a conversation to get to know you and your aspirations for your brand. We then get our paintbrushes and easel and set about making your brand (metaphorically speaking!).

At IKONIKS, we make it our mission to develop a clear and exciting brand. So, whether you are a start-up business looking to develop an entirely new brand, or update your existing brand, we’re here to help.


We’re great listeners

We’re not one of those agencies that dictate to you what you must have. We listen to your requirements, your ideas and your color preferences, and we work on that. Alternatively, if you want us to work our magic, and give us free reign, we can do that too!

Brand identity across the whole business

It’s not just a kick-ass logo and then job done, we can develop a brand document for you, giving your business the exact colors, fonts and details to be coherent and consistent with your business and marketing communications.

From logos to full branding, we can offer it all

We tailor a bespoke solution based on your needs. Whether you just need a new logo, or a complete overhaul of your stationery and signage, we can help.

We Design id's and more !

Logo Design

Whether you are creating a product or offering a service, your logo is how your clientele will recognize you. Your color scheme sets the stage for your purpose; your font style subliminally distinguishes you as professional, lighthearted, adventurous, etc. Your logo is the first unspoken word about your company or business and creates the setting for all future branding endeavors

Business Card Design

Keeping a few business cards on-hand still has benefits in this digital world. It’s an introduction and a lasting impression, so make it stand out! We can handle such designs at no cost when paired with other services and we’ll print and ship at competitive, fair pricing.

Letterhead Design

For official documentation or special correspondents, your company needs an appealing and refined letterhead that integrates your logo and branding to make something that is uniquely you. Pair this design service with our business card and envelope services for consistency.

Envelope Design

Get your business to stand out from junk mail and improve your open rates with custom envelopes! These act as ad space, a call to action, or a reminder that your company is active and involved. Use this alongside our business card and letterhead services.

Door Hanger Design

What does throwing a block party, advertising an addition to the community, or requesting privacy have in common? That’s right; they can all benefit from utilizing door hangers. Used outside as a non-intrusive door-to-door campaign, or inside as a silent communication, door hangers can be an efficient way to get your point across.

Brochure Design

In marketing, there is an art to the leave-behind. Sometimes a business card, occasionally a flyer, most often a brochure. Packed full of information but presented in a way that isn’t overwhelming, the entire purpose of a brochure is to pique interest and grow traffic, whether foot, online or phone.

Postcards/Mailer Design

How do you go the extra mile with your clients? Do you remember their birthday or say Merry Christmas? Do you offer special promotions or remind them to keep their accounts up to date? We all thought print would die, snails would stop bringing mail, and the world of technology would dominate.

Event Invitation

Occasions to send out an invite: New Years, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, Milestones, Vow Renewals, Office Parties, Charitable Gatherings, Graduations, Funerals, Drinks; the list goes on and on. We love to celebrate; we cherish spending time with old friends, we love making new friends.

Sign Design

Often a logo displayed as a sign; we are happy to make your existing logo work to any specifications or to design a new logo for your signage needs. We incorporate graphic design elements depending on the type of sign desired, combining relevant components to make you stand out

Presentation Folder Design

Presentation folders designed for your brand and paired with other marketing materials can be a powerful tool in your business. They give a professionally polished and visually appealing feel to your company and are a compelling piece when trying to woo a new client.

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